Kip-GSM interface Converter

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Manufacturer: ABRAIT
Model: KIP-GSM
Features: DC/9-15V
Weight: 0.075 kg
Dimensions HxWxD: 104.00 mb 56.00 mn 25.00 mm

General description of the basic configuration:

Converter fee;
nylon racks;
Instruction manual;
Purpose and features provided by the device:

The device is designed for remote control of a GSM controller from a single device (mobile or landline phone) with various devices:

remote control of sliding gates;
swing gate management;
control of motorized rollers;
barrier management;
managing the entrance to the Parking lot;
controlling the Elevator using a GSM controller;
disarming using a GSM controller;
arming with a GSM controller;
managing DTMF code from your phone;
management of the different relay modules.
The Kip – GSM Converter is used as an identification device in access control and control systems and can be used both with Kip-XXX (ABRAIT) series control devices and with third-party devices operating over the Wiegand-26 or 1-Wire Protocol. Configuration and programming is performed via RS-232. The Converter can work as a group security data transmitter in Informer 12000 or Ademco 685 format.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply voltage: DC12V;

Current consumption:

in standby mode, no more than:60 mA;
in dial-up mode, maximum: 120 mA (in peaks up to 1.5 A);
Protocol for working with the controller:

Overall dimensions, not more than: 104x56x25 mm;
Reading distance: network coverage area (GSM);
Max. key memory Bank capacity: 4080;
Max. event memory Bank capacity: 12288;

Distance of KIP-GSM from the controller:

1-Wire (Dallas): 10m
Wiegand: 100m
an onboard RS-232 is available for entering the control and programming mode