KIP-GSM8 gate and barrier control module

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Manufacturer: ABRAIT
Model: KIP-GSM 8 (article 3002)
Features: DC/9-15V Works with Bluetooth devices. Integrated microphone.
Weight: 0.075 kg
Dimensions HxWxD: 100.00 mm x 30.00 mm mx 55.00

General description of the basic configuration:

Converter fee;
nylon racks;
Instruction manual;
Purpose and features provided by the device:

The device is designed for remote control of a GSM controller from a single device (mobile or landline phone) with various devices:

remote control of sliding gates;
swing gate management;
control of motorized rollers;
barrier management;
managing the entrance to the Parking lot;
controlling the Elevator using a GSM controller;
disarming using a GSM controller;
arming with a GSM controller;
managing DTMF code from your phone;
management of the different relay modules.
Using devices of this class saves time and simplifies the way to manage the surrounding systems without compromising the user’s security. The GSM remote control controller inherited the basic concept of access control systems – one key, many doors. In this case, our device works as a single key for managing multiple devices. The identification feature can be not only the phone number, but also the code dialed from the phone.

The remote controller has a” White list ” of 4000 phone numbers. Archive of 10000 events. The device is configured using free software over RS-485. Configuration via Bluetooth is under development. It has a Bootloader (custom loader) and all updates can be flashed by the user himself. We are currently working on additional features (via SMS):

adding phones to the “White list” ;
setting the time range of phone presence in the “White list” (year, month, day, hour, minute). When the interval expires the phone is deleted from the list;
setting the password number value via SMS;
setting a limit on the number of times a password is used;
restrict (restore) access to device management from phones with the “Normal” status»;
open access to the device for setting parameters via Bluetooth;
manage devices via Bluetooth;
enable (disable) the microphone with the authorized phone numbers.
The Converter can work as a group security data transmitter in Informer 12000 or Ademco 685 format.

Technical characteristics:

Supply voltage DC 12V
Current consumption:

in standby mode, no more than 60 mA
in dial-up mode, no more than 150 mA
Protocol for working with the controller: Wiegand-26, 1-Wire
Reading distance: network coverage area (GSM)
Maximum capacity of the key memory Bank: 4000
Maximum capacity of the event memory Bank: 10000
Distance of the Converter from devices, no more than:

1-Wire (Dallas) 10 m
Wiegand-26 100 m
Operating temperature range -10° – +40°C
Relative humidity, no more than 80%