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Manufacturer: ABRAIT
Model: KIP-43 (article 1014)
Features: DC10-13.6 V Communication-RS-485
Weight: 0.100 kg
Dimensions HxWxD: 85.00 mm x 85.00 mx 25.00 mm

General description of the basic configuration:

Security alarm controller for 8 wired zones;
Nylon racks for mounting in the box;
A set of resistors.
Additional plug-ins and devices:

Keyboards, available in 8 variants (more than 200 models on request);
Fingerprint readers for device status management, available in 2 versions (8 on request);
Receiving and control devices KIP-GSM, KIP-GSM8, KIP-73V, KIP-73G for transmission over a backup GPRS and radio channel;
WIZ108SR (data transmitter over Ethernet).
Purpose and features provided by the device:

The security alarm controller is designed for both budget-based Autonomous security and to reduce the cost of protecting large objects. In the latter case, the user is given almost unlimited opportunities to scale the security system. The security panel can use RS-485 to transmit its own data. Data transmitted via this interface is received either by GSM security controllers, GSM transmitters or security panels with the ability to broadcast third-party events in the radio channel. For example, KIP-73V or KIP-73M.

If the installer is faced with the task of implementing the protection of a large number of consolidated objects, the use of full-fledged security panels with full functionality becomes economically unprofitable. Let’s imagine the task of guarding the floor of a building where 10-15 offices are located on each side in a long corridor. It is much less convenient to secure an office when leaving the building via a centralized remote control than to set it up in person and receive a notification about setting up a security control on the mobile app. There is often a need to repeatedly leave the room during the day. If there is only one employee left in the office, the office should at least be locked, which takes a few seconds. These seconds add up to tens of minutes per day and hours per month. Sometimes, leaving the office for a few minutes, an employee may not return to the office and leave it unguarded. Implementing security on Kip-43 controllers is an inexpensive and high-quality solution that combines the capabilities of a security panel and an access control system at the same time.

Compatible with programs: Security Center (compatible with the cloud service), RHYTHM, SIMS II, and any programs that parse the Ademco-685, Informer 12000 format.